Gel Fresh Insole - FC-FRESH-001

Gel Fresh Insole - FC-FRESH-001

Model No.︰FC-FRESH-001

Brand Name︰SOFTPAW

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1000 pair

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Product Description

 Moden No.=FC-Fresh-001 1.Deoder SEBS gel insole. 2.Juniper can give off a charming and nice aroma with full of phytonicidene. 3.Phytonicidene can enhance the body's immunity and modulate the self-discipline nerve's performance as well as wipe off the unsavory odor. 4.Absorbs the impact on the ankle,hip,and knee joints when walking or practicing sports. 5.Evenly distributes pressure and shock absorption to reduce peak loading and eliminate painful irritation. 6.May be used in most shoes. 7.Easy to clean and highly-

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